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Liberty Point Behavioral Healthcare takes great pride in the psychiatric residential treatment and care it provides to young men. Read some testimonials from program graduates, family members and staff members whose lives have been positively impacted by our behavioral health facility.

“We would like to thank each and every one of you for the positive impact you have had in our son’s life. We know at times it was not easy for him or you, but you were able to get him stabilized and in a good place for him to come back close to his home community. For all of this, we will be forever grateful. Thank you for all your dedication!”

“Our lives and the life of our son have changed completely from where we were when we found Liberty Point, and I always give you all the credit. Your staff and program have given us this gift and we will be forever indebted to you. If ever there is anything that we can do to help, do not hesitate to let us know and we will be there!”

“I’m very grateful to the staff at Liberty Point for getting him on track. Keep doing what you’re doing. It works!”

“The teaching staff is thrilled with how well he has done in such a short time. Can you believe his favorite subject is math?”

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you guys and all that you taught me. Thank you for what you do.”

“I like going to school at Liberty Point. For the first time, school makes sense to me.”

“I liked being at Liberty Point. I did my work. It helped me with all my issues.”

“Working with Liberty Point has been a breath of fresh air, and I absolutely appreciate all of your hard work and help!”
—Family services specialist, social services

“In my 27 years in this business, I have seen a lot. Liberty Point is one of the programs I recommend.”
—Family services specialist, social services

“I saw a huge transformation and by the end of his time at Liberty Point, he was taking the new kids under his wing and helping them adjust.”
—Mental health professional

“The staff has always been willing to be creative with services to meet a child’s needs.”
—CSA coordinator

“It’s been a great experience for me to work for Liberty Point because I’ve had the opportunity to see young men be successful and grow and become independent. Seeing these kids progress feels like I’m doing something with my life.”
—Kenny, Vocational Instructor

“I’ve told a lot of my friends, ‘If you’re looking for a job that’s very rewarding and you want to really make a difference in the lives of the children who come here, you should apply.’”
—Marc, PE Teacher, Sports Coach

“One of the best things about working here is it makes you step outside yourself. I want to give back and help people who haven’t gotten the opportunities that I’ve had.”
—Beth, UR, Admissions Specialist

“The biggest challenge working here is the same thing that is so gratifying. The type of kids that you’re working with is a challenge in and of itself. [The reward is] to find the positivity and see the kids making the change and transition, doing things differently and being successful in whatever they do outside of Liberty Point.”
—Robert, Mental Health Specialist

Dear Mr. Davis,

This letter is a long-overdue thank you to you and your incredibly experienced, professional and compassionate staff for the help that they have given our son.

After 17 years of moving from one doctor to another to address various overwhelming symptoms and misdiagnoses, the comprehensiveness of the intake process was impressive. Dr. Patti Moulton, Mary Totin and Mark Miller (with assistance from the rest of the staff) assessed and began to understand our son’s issues from his perspective quicker than any other team!

Your team also arranged for proper evaluations and assessments to support guardianship, educational funding and Medicaid services. Only because of this support, our son finally has services funded and a case worker in place. After over six years of battling government bureaucracies, we can for the moment stop worrying about whether our son can be taken care of when we are no longer here.

Since our son entered the Liberty Point behavioral program, he has progressed from a boy in a man’s body, virtually incapable of understanding the consequences of his actions beyond the moment, to a young man striving to be responsible for his own future within the constraints of his limitations. He no longer speaks like a child and is working on engaging in age-appropriate and team activities. While he has a long way to go, your behavioral program is giving him the tools to build responsibility and independence.

The program employs a holistic approach to providing medical, mental health and education services; the residents get very engaged in their treatment. Most of all, all the staff work together to ensure consistent responses (rewards and consequences) so that residents can build skills in and out of therapy. While no treatment program can guarantee success, these are hallmarks of world-class mental health services consistent with our experiences at Johns-Hopkins University’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit and the National Institutes of Health Pediatric Psychiatry Department.

I believe that Liberty Point could be a model for providing patient-focused residential mental health services. In addition to the comprehensive assessments and holistic treatment environment, it has a focused mission. Our family has witnessed the best and the worst of mental health services over several decades. Little has changed in the treatment of the intellectually and behaviorally challenged in generalized residential programs. We visualized our son in a typical “warehouse” of mental health patients. Without the focus that your program provides to this critical and often devastating dual diagnosis, the smaller scale of the facility and the strength of your staff to resident ratio, our son was destined to be lost in the “system” with little hope of a future.

We are so grateful for finding Liberty Point, and most of all for the personalized and compassionate care our son has received from all your staff. In addition to the progress made by that mental health team, the nursing team and support staff provide excellent care and are responsive to the needs of the residents. Even the service groups in maintenance and food services have helped the residents by getting them engaged in collaborative “ownership” of their environment: painting, gardening and applying essential life skills such as cooking, serving and cleaning. Psychological, occupational and vocational therapy comes in many forms; the Liberty Point team brings them together into activities that the residents enjoy and use to build skills for their future.

Thank you so much for your team’s support of our son, and our family. We are finally confident that our son is safe and getting the best treatment available for his specific needs. We look forward to supporting Liberty Point and his treatment in any way that we can.

John and Hilary Anderson
John's Signature

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